August 30 Sermon

Today’s Sermon is written more in an outline form, so some thoughts are not fully added in or developed in this written form, nonetheless it holds the ideas that were used.

Luke 24 13-35

What About Jesus?

 -Confirmation Sunday Sermon

            That’s the question the disciples on the road to Emmaus were trying to figure out. 

What about Jesus? 

Here is how they told it:

  • They thought that Jesus was the messiah
  • They had thought God was going to recreate their world


  • Now he had been crucified, dead, and buried. 
  • Not only that but on Sunday morning his tomb had been robbed and the body was found missing! 
  • Not only that but no one knows what really happened and the women who went to the tomb that morning came back claiming that they had seen visions of angels.

Then as they walked along:

  • This new companion of theirs began to chastise these disciples for their unbelief
  • He began to remind them and explain to them what was in the scriptures
  • He took them to church, and he told them all about Jesus; until the spirit moved within them and they felt the truth and hope of God within their hearts.  Have you ever had someone tell you something and you just knew that it was true?

Then they shared a meal together and with a prayer of thanks in the breaking of the bread, they looked up and realized that they had been with Jesus the whole time. 

  • Christ was made known through the reading of the word, and through the breaking of the bread. 
  • What changed? Jesus appearance, or how they saw him?

What about Jesus?  That is question we always must answer.

  • When you were a baby, your family held you in their arms as the most important life in all the world. 
  • They brought you to church to be baptized.
  • Baptism is an act of the church in participating in the grace of God.  Why we baptize.
  • Parents response to the question: What about Jesus?

And then as a child, they make you go to church. 

  • Its boring, why do we have to go, all you do is sit there.
  • But it isn’t all bad: Sometimes there are songs to sing, people to talk to, something worth learning, friends, food to eat.

And then you get older:

  • Maybe you start doing some task in the church: helping out in worship, leading a service, preparing or serving a meal, Making a difference
  • You begin to answer the question “What about Jesus” whether you realize it or not.

            And then you come to confirmation and spend time thinking a little deeper, you are starting to engage life from a more mature perspective. 

            But here is the thing, even here you have not reached an end in your journey.  No, you are really just beginning, because well “What about Jesus?”  Are you seeing him in a new way?  Have you listened to the word until your heart has been warmed?  Have you seen his presence in the breaking of the bread?

  • When the disciples came to this point, their Emmaus walk became a Jerusalem run. 
  • They had to go and tell somebody.
  • They were more than convince that the women at the tomb were right. Jesus is alive!
  • How it must have changed their lives

            The day is quickly coming when you will choose to leave home and start your own life.  Then mom and dad won’t be telling you how to live anymore.  You will get to make your own decisions about what you are going to eat, when you are going to sleep, where you are going to go, and you are still going to be answering the quetion, “What about Jesus.”

            Is the question important to you?  Can the question really be ignored?  Will your faith affect who you are? Will you go to church on Sunday? How will you live?

            You are just beginning, but you have the answer to the question. There are some places in life where truth and life are more clearly seen then in other places. The trick is to recognize those places when you are there, and not to be confused by other ideas and voices when you are not.

            Today the answer has been given to you in the word spoken and lived, in communion as it is shared, in the lives of those around you and the love given. 

            May you live knowing that Jesus is alive within you.  May your life move and grow according to the grace proclaimed in your baptism and reaffirmed in your words today.   May you know exactly what Jesus life means to you, and go forth and live, love, and serve others as well as you are able.   Amen

Published by Rev. Russell

Pastor at the Lake City United Methodist Church in Lake City, Michigan.

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