Sermon October 10, 2021

Living with the Living Word Hebrews 4:12-16   The story is told that George Whitfield, the great Eighteenth-Century evangelist, was hounded by a group of detractors who called themselves the “Hellfire Club.” After hearing George Whitfield preach in May 1750, John Thorpe and three friends went to a tavern and began mimicking Whitfield. At Thorpe’sContinue reading “Sermon October 10, 2021”

Sermon for October 3, 2021 -Worldwide Communion Sunday

Gathered Together Hebrews 1:1-4; 2:5-12   Today many churches celebrate Worldwide Communion Sunday. John A. Dalles of the Presbyterian Church tells of its beginnings. He writes in part:   “If you were to turn on to a quiet, tree lined street in the East End of Pittsburgh, and if you were to make your wayContinue reading “Sermon for October 3, 2021 -Worldwide Communion Sunday”

Sunday’s Sermon September 19, 2021

THE PATH OF DISCIPLESHIP Mark 9:30-37       Have you ever been mistaken about something in life? That is a loaded question, isn’t it? Who has not gone through life and made some mistakes, or held some misconceptions about what life was about or about God?     I remember, my grandfather had a small religious tract. BeginningContinue reading “Sunday’s Sermon September 19, 2021”

Health Department Notice August 26, 2021

As according to this statement regarding the increased transmission levels of the Covid virus, it is advisable for all who are sharing in indoor worship to once more return to wearing a mask. While this is not what we want to hear, I believe being proactive toward these health issues is the best way toContinue reading “Health Department Notice August 26, 2021”

Sermon for August 15, 2021

JOHN 6:51-58 “Eating Bread”           According to an issue of Smithsonian magazine (March 2014) in 1961 Michael Rockefeller, a son of then-New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller disappeared in the jungles of New Guinea while collecting artifacts from a Papuan tribe. His body was never found.In this same area today exist remote tribes that have rarelyContinue reading “Sermon for August 15, 2021”