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Sermon October 10, 2021

Living with the Living Word Hebrews 4:12-16   The story is told that George Whitfield, the great Eighteenth-Century evangelist, was hounded by a group of detractors who called themselves the “Hellfire Club.” After hearing George Whitfield preach in May 1750, John Thorpe and three friends went to a tavern and began mimicking Whitfield. At Thorpe’sContinue reading “Sermon October 10, 2021”

Sermon September 26, 2021

Stepping-stones or Stumbling Blocks Mark 9:38-52   There is an old joke about the three ministers who were out in a boat on a lake. The first one says, “Hey I forgot our sandwiches,” and so the second one says don’t worry I’ll go get them and he steps out of the boat, walks acrossContinue reading “Sermon September 26, 2021”

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