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Sermon for March 7, 2021

John 2:13-22 “The Living Silence”   Jesus enters the temple during high season of Passover. This was their big celebration of the year, but Jesus does not like what he sees. In an outer courtyard, nearing the temple building, the space has been turned into a grand marketplace –A last stop shop for all yourContinue reading “Sermon for March 7, 2021”

Sermon February 28, 2021

Kingship or Kingdom Mark 8:29-38           I grew up in a town close to Moundsville, WV. Moundsville is a pleasant little town, and if you are ever there, there are a couple of sights to see. There is one of the largest conical shape Indian mounds in the country there. Also in the same areaContinue reading “Sermon February 28, 2021”

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