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Holy Humor Sunday

    This coming Sunday we celebrate Holy Humor Sunday. Now this is not exactly on our liturgical calendar, but it is an idea from the early church that the Sunday after Easter should be a time to reacquaint ourselves with joy and laughter.      We celebrate the joke that Jesus played on the devil. “It mightContinue reading “Holy Humor Sunday”

Easter Services

As we move toward Easter, we are also still dealing with the effects of COVID19. Even though we are weary of efforts to repress the spread of the virus, and the number of people being vaccinated is growing, still we are not yet free to live as we normally would desire. The saying goes patienceContinue reading “Easter Services”

Sermon March 21, 2020

“We Would See Jesus” John 12:20-33   Have you ever wondered what Jesus looks like? Nowhere in the Bible are we given Jesus’ description. Was he tall, or short? Did he have long hair or short hair? Was he a powerful man whose muscles had been strengthened by years of carpentry work with his father,Continue reading “Sermon March 21, 2020”


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