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August 30 Sermon

Today’s Sermon is written more in an outline form, so some thoughts are not fully added in or developed in this written form, nonetheless it holds the ideas that were used. Luke 24 13-35 What About Jesus?  -Confirmation Sunday Sermon             That’s the question the disciples on the road to Emmaus were trying to figureContinue reading “August 30 Sermon”

Sermon August 2, 2020

“Offer Them Christ” Romans 10:8b-13 In 1784 John Wesley sent his friend and colleague Thomas Coke to America to help lead the fledging churches of Methodism.  Coke was named as a superintendent along with Francis Asbury.  Under their leadership the Christmas conference of 1784 was called and the Methodist Episcopal Church was formed.   Now accordingContinue reading “Sermon August 2, 2020”

Sermon July 26, 2020

“The Assurance of Salvation” Romans 8:26-39   Of the twelve disciples of Jesus, ancient tradition holds that 10 were martyred for their faith. While it is not really fully known how each died, traditions ascribe such deaths of the apostles to crucifixion, being crucified upside down, being stoned, being sawed in half, being beheading, orContinue reading “Sermon July 26, 2020”


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