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Sermon June 6, 2021

“Sow The Seed, Trust The Promise” Mark 4:26-34   When I was about seven years old my mom and dad gave me a View-Master. If you are a little older you probably remember that the View-Master was a device that allowed you to view stereo slides of many stories and places across the world. OneContinue reading “Sermon June 6, 2021”

Sermon May 30, 2021

“Jesus Schools a Pharisee” John 3:1-17   Today we pause to acknowledge those who are graduating from high school and college. Being an educated person will make all the difference in your life. I have spent many days in academic pursuit from high school to college to seminary I have achieve degrees and learning. ThisContinue reading “Sermon May 30, 2021”

Sermon May 16, 2021

“Take Jesus With You” John 17:6-19 Introduction: Jesus or the World? How does that old bumper sticker go: You just have to “Let Go and Let God.” Meaning that we should trust in God for the problems of life. A church sign once said, “If you don’t like the outlook then try the up look.”Continue reading “Sermon May 16, 2021”

Holy Humor Sunday

    This coming Sunday we celebrate Holy Humor Sunday. Now this is not exactly on our liturgical calendar, but it is an idea from the early church that the Sunday after Easter should be a time to reacquaint ourselves with joy and laughter.      We celebrate the joke that Jesus played on the devil. “It mightContinue reading “Holy Humor Sunday”


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