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Sundays Sermon November 27, 2022 1st Sunday of Advent

“Daybreak” Romans 13:11-14       Have you noticed that Black Friday usually begins early in November. Online retailers aren’t shy. They just advertise, “Black Friday Deals” whenever they want. In the earlier days a person had to wait until after Thanksgiving to be lured by such offers. One story is told of a large Department StoreContinue reading “Sundays Sermon November 27, 2022 1st Sunday of Advent”


Sermon for November 13, 2022

Walking Through Fire Luke 21:5-19       Wars and insurrections, Nation rising up against nation, kingdom against kingdom, great earthquakes, famines and plagues… It sounds a bit like today. Russia against Ukraine and Ukraine being supported by the United States and Western Europe. Russia receiving aid from Iran and China. Perhaps the ones paying the biggerContinue reading “Sermon for November 13, 2022”


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