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Sermon October 25, 2020

Matthew 22:34-46 “Whose Son is He?”       In our text today Jesus has already answered questions posed to him by the Scribes and the Pharisees, the Sadducees, and the Herodians. Each group in some manner is seen as trying to test Jesus knowledge, wisdom, or the direction in life he would provide, and Jesus’ responseContinue reading “Sermon October 25, 2020”

Sermon October 4, 2020

“Is Jesus Your Cornerstone?” Matthew 21:33-46             There is a made-up story that goes like this: Jesus is walking through the streets of a city.  He sees a young man feasting gluttonously and growing drunk on wine.  “Young man,” Jesus asks, “Why do you live like this?”  “Don’t you remember?” the young man replies.  “IContinue reading “Sermon October 4, 2020”

Sermon for September 27

“Going Out Into the Vineyard” Matthew 21:23-32         I think it probably has happened to every pastor. At times I have gone to visit the home of a perspective member or some one who is already a member of the church; however they long had stopped attending church regularly, and they will tell meContinue reading “Sermon for September 27”


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