Sermon for August 23, 2020

“Paying It Forward” –Romans 12:1-8 “Why can’t people be kinder to each other?  Why can’t people just help each other?”  Patricia Creighton heard the man with great distress cry out.  She was just standing there filling up her car with gas and he was just walking along the streets, homeless.  He had not seen her,Continue reading “Sermon for August 23, 2020”

Sermon August 2, 2020

“Offer Them Christ” Romans 10:8b-13 In 1784 John Wesley sent his friend and colleague Thomas Coke to America to help lead the fledging churches of Methodism.  Coke was named as a superintendent along with Francis Asbury.  Under their leadership the Christmas conference of 1784 was called and the Methodist Episcopal Church was formed.   Now accordingContinue reading “Sermon August 2, 2020”

Joint Outside Worship August 2nd

Friends, due to our governors new executive order and our desire to respond appropriately to the health concerns of our time, this Sundays worship service will be a joint outside worship service held in the parking lot of the Lake City United Methodist Church. The service will be at 10 AM. We ask that youContinue reading “Joint Outside Worship August 2nd”

Sermon July 26, 2020

“The Assurance of Salvation” Romans 8:26-39   Of the twelve disciples of Jesus, ancient tradition holds that 10 were martyred for their faith. While it is not really fully known how each died, traditions ascribe such deaths of the apostles to crucifixion, being crucified upside down, being stoned, being sawed in half, being beheading, orContinue reading “Sermon July 26, 2020”

Unable to Make it to Worship?

I know health concerns and well being are a concern for many people in these days, and this has led to a number staying away from community activities –Including Sunday worship services.   I do wish to remind you that the Sunday Sermons can be found on BLOG that I started at or you willContinue reading “Unable to Make it to Worship?”

Sunday Sermon July 19, 2020

“The Portent of Glory” Romans 8:12-25 A Stanford professor of geophysics argues that between 3.5 and 4.5 billion years ago there may have been multiple long periods during which life repeatedly spread across the globe, only to be nearly annihilated by the impact of large asteroids. Just when your life-form is beginning to make someContinue reading “Sunday Sermon July 19, 2020”

Sunday Sermon – June 28, 2020

“Freedom in Christ” Romans 6:12-23 Last Sunday we talked about the transforming Grace of God. If you remember Paul was speaking about justifying grace. That is the Grace of God that forgives us and brings us into a relationship with God. It does not mean that all our wrongs and sins are accepted before God,Continue reading “Sunday Sermon – June 28, 2020”