Sermon for January 2, 2022

“Looking Farther…” Matthew 2:1-12   Happy New Year! This Sunday is called Epiphany Sunday. Epiphany falls on January 6th. It is during this time that we celebrate the revelation of God to the world as we remember the story of the wisemen who came bearing gifts for Jesus. In our secular language, an epiphany isContinue reading “Sermon for January 2, 2022”

Sermon for December 5, 2021 2nd Sunday of Advent

“And the Word Came” Luke 3:1-6   Did you notice how our text starts out today? It reads like a who’s who in government and the powers that be of that time. It is a bit of a history lesson if one likes history:   Tiberias Caesar Son of Tiberias Claudius Nero. Stepson of AugustusContinue reading “Sermon for December 5, 2021 2nd Sunday of Advent”

Sunday’s Sermon November 28, 2021

“Too Much Turkey” Luke 21:25-36   The college football season is moving toward its last games. The past week I saw a facebook post from my cousin in Ohio that simply said, “How about them Bucs!” Well, anytime I see such a message coming from Ohio I know it is not good news for aContinue reading “Sunday’s Sermon November 28, 2021”

Sermon for November 21, 2021 Christ the King Sunday, Thanksgiving

“The Everlasting Kingdom” Revelation 1:4b-8 John 18:33-37        Our texts for the day are concerned with the kingship of Christ. Revelation calls him “the ruler of the kings of the earth.” In John’s Gospel Pilate asks, “Are you the king of the Jews?” After some verbal sparring, Jesus answers, “You are right in sayingContinue reading “Sermon for November 21, 2021 Christ the King Sunday, Thanksgiving”

Sunday’s Sermon November 14, 2021

“The End Times” Mark 13:1-8, 24-31       I wonder how many times Jesus and his disciples must have traveled to Jerusalem and journeyed to the temple? King Herod and his family were the builders of this structure. The temple grounds covered the top of Mount Moriah. Some have said it rivaled any of the ancientContinue reading “Sunday’s Sermon November 14, 2021”

Sermon for November 7, 2021 All Saint’s Day

Yes, I Believe Revelation 21:1-6a   Yes I believe,Yes, I believe, That Jesus Christ died for me,   Yes, I believe, Yes I believe, That Jesus Christ died for even me.   He died upon the cross to save me for eternity, Yes, I believe, Yes I believe that Jesus Died for even me.  Continue reading “Sermon for November 7, 2021 All Saint’s Day”

Sermon for October 24, 2021

Jesus and Melchizedek Hebrews 7:23-28   In 2008, it was reported that some activists were striving to reestablish Jewish ritual sacrifices upon the temple mount. An article states:   Plans to rebuild Temple and sacrifice animals for purification, “When the Jewish Temple stood in the Old City of Jerusalem more than 2,000 year ago, animalContinue reading “Sermon for October 24, 2021”