Latest Letters from Bishop Bard and Bishop Satterlee

        A message from Michigan Area Bishop David Alan Bard.  View this email in your browser             Continue to act in the common good. An update on COVID-19 and in-person worship recommendations         January 13, 2021 Dear Friends in Christ in The United MethodistContinue reading “Latest Letters from Bishop Bard and Bishop Satterlee”

Sermon for January 17, 2021

“Nathaniel” John 1:43-51             Can anything good come out of Nazareth?  This is what Nathaniel asked, and then there is God’s answer to Nathaniel’s question that I think becomes most important to us.  What does come out of Nazareth?  It is generally assumed that Nazareth was not highly thought of –perhaps a small subsistence communityContinue reading “Sermon for January 17, 2021”

Sermon for January 10, 2021

Remember Your Baptism Mark 1:4-11           I remember when I was ordained as an Elder in our church in the West Virginia Annual Conference.  In that conference all the gatherings were held in a large chapel.           There was a point during the services where those being ordained were recognized and so we were seatedContinue reading “Sermon for January 10, 2021”

Sermon for January 3, 2021

“To the Praise of God’s Glory” Ephesians 1:3-14             On the platform of a railroad station there was a large crate with a dog inside.  He was the saddest dog you can imagine.  A lady asked about him. “You would be sad, too” she was told, “if you were in his plight.  He’s chewed theContinue reading “Sermon for January 3, 2021”

Find the Sermon for 12/27 on Facebook

This coming Sunday Sermon may not get posted on my BLOG. It seems after printing the file I inadvertently deleted the file without saving it. I can no longer find the sermon on my computer. I don’t think I am going to retype it. Sorry about this. The sermon will be posted in a videoContinue reading “Find the Sermon for 12/27 on Facebook”

Sermon for December 20, 2020

“Love All” Luke 1:26-38             Is your life ordinary or extraordinary?  I think most of us might think of our lives as being just ordinary.              Several days ago, Chuck Yeager past away.  He was a man that some might said led an extraordinary life.   He was the first to fly faster than the speedContinue reading “Sermon for December 20, 2020”

4th Week of Advent – Peace

Monday —Read John 14:26-27. What brings us peace within life? Make a list or draw a picture of something that gives you peace. Tuesday —Send a card to someone who needs to hear words of peace, and mail it today. Wednesday –-Think of our town and its leaders. Pray that God’s peace may abide inContinue reading “4th Week of Advent – Peace”