Sunday Sermon February 27, 2022

Encountering Glory Luke 9:28-36   Have you ever encountered the glory of God? Have you ever encountered a point where you know for sure that you are not alone, and that God is present in such a way that life is changed? Have you ever experienced the certainty of divine intervention in your life? DoContinue reading “Sunday Sermon February 27, 2022”

Sermon for Sunday February 20, 2022

Measure for Measure Luke 6:27-38   In “Star Trek -The Wrath of Khan”: The antagonist Khan is looking at the Enterprise on the view screen of the federation ship he had pirated   Khan’s lieutenant reports: They’re still running with shields down. Khan: Of course! We are one big, happy fleet! Ah, Kirk, my old friend, doContinue reading “Sermon for Sunday February 20, 2022”

Sermon for Sunday February 13, 2021

On a Level Place Luke 6:17-26   Twelve ministers were on a plane going to a conference in Seattle. When they came into a large storm, they told the flight attendants to tell the pilot that everything would be okay because 12 ministers were on board. Later, one flight attendant returned from the cockpit. “WhatContinue reading “Sermon for Sunday February 13, 2021”

February’s Newsletter Article

  This past week we had the opportunity to meet with Sherry Parker-Lewis from the United Methodist Foundation. This group within the United Methodist Church deals predominantly with assisting churches in their finances and stewardship, but they also will speak to churches about their vision, mission, and growth. The necessity for churches to become communitiesContinue reading “February’s Newsletter Article”

Sunday’s Sermon January 23, 2022

Luke 4:21-30 “Are You Ready for a Miracle”   Are you ready for a miracle? Jesus once taught that: Matthew 17:20 (NRSV) “… if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.”Continue reading “Sunday’s Sermon January 23, 2022”

Sermon for Sunday January 23, 2022

“Share In the Jubilee” Luke 4:14-21       Have you ever been in debt? House? Car? With the general habits in today’s society to spend rather then save, I imagine that it is probably true that most people probably owe somebody, something on any given day.     Now imagine if you will what it would be likeContinue reading “Sermon for Sunday January 23, 2022”

Sermon for Sunday January 16, 2022

New Life John 2:1-11   Often there is not a lot of positive news to hear, but on December 25 the James Webb Telescope was launched into space. This represented years of effort to create this instrument. After being launched it had to go through a long series of steps to be deployed, and nowContinue reading “Sermon for Sunday January 16, 2022”

Sermon for Sunday January 9, 2021

Coming Soon Luke 3:15-17, 21-22       Perhaps in many ways humans are naturally optimistic. We like to think that something good is bound to come our way, that tomorrow holds a promise, and a greater hope is on the horizon. When the college football season is starting, we like to think that our team willContinue reading “Sermon for Sunday January 9, 2021”