Sermon for Easter Sunday April 17, 2022

“He is Risen Indeed!” Luke 24:1-12       That great and committed preacher within British Methodism W.E. Sangster found that he had an incurable disease that caused progressive muscular atrophy. In his time he was a great speaker capable of keeping the attention of thousands, but his illness soon rendered him without a voice. On EasterContinue reading “Sermon for Easter Sunday April 17, 2022”


Sundays Sermon for April 3, 2022

“Extravagant Discipleship” John 12:1-8   A number of years ago as a Christmas present, I bought my wife a small bottle of perfume called Opium. At that time it cost about Eighty dollars. Today it is not really made anymore. There is a spray that somewhat replicates the perfume, and it cost about the sameContinue reading “Sundays Sermon for April 3, 2022”