Sunday Sermon February 27, 2022

Encountering Glory Luke 9:28-36   Have you ever encountered the glory of God? Have you ever encountered a point where you know for sure that you are not alone, and that God is present in such a way that life is changed? Have you ever experienced the certainty of divine intervention in your life? DoContinue reading “Sunday Sermon February 27, 2022”


Sermon for Sunday February 20, 2022

Measure for Measure Luke 6:27-38   In “Star Trek -The Wrath of Khan”: The antagonist Khan is looking at the Enterprise on the view screen of the federation ship he had pirated   Khan’s lieutenant reports: They’re still running with shields down. Khan: Of course! We are one big, happy fleet! Ah, Kirk, my old friend, doContinue reading “Sermon for Sunday February 20, 2022”

Sermon for Sunday February 13, 2021

On a Level Place Luke 6:17-26   Twelve ministers were on a plane going to a conference in Seattle. When they came into a large storm, they told the flight attendants to tell the pilot that everything would be okay because 12 ministers were on board. Later, one flight attendant returned from the cockpit. “WhatContinue reading “Sermon for Sunday February 13, 2021”