Sermon for Sunday January 16, 2022

New Life John 2:1-11   Often there is not a lot of positive news to hear, but on December 25 the James Webb Telescope was launched into space. This represented years of effort to create this instrument. After being launched it had to go through a long series of steps to be deployed, and nowContinue reading “Sermon for Sunday January 16, 2022”

Sermon for Sunday January 9, 2021

Coming Soon Luke 3:15-17, 21-22       Perhaps in many ways humans are naturally optimistic. We like to think that something good is bound to come our way, that tomorrow holds a promise, and a greater hope is on the horizon. When the college football season is starting, we like to think that our team willContinue reading “Sermon for Sunday January 9, 2021”

Sermon for January 2, 2022

“Looking Farther…” Matthew 2:1-12   Happy New Year! This Sunday is called Epiphany Sunday. Epiphany falls on January 6th. It is during this time that we celebrate the revelation of God to the world as we remember the story of the wisemen who came bearing gifts for Jesus. In our secular language, an epiphany isContinue reading “Sermon for January 2, 2022”