Sermon September 26, 2021

Stepping-stones or Stumbling Blocks Mark 9:38-52   There is an old joke about the three ministers who were out in a boat on a lake. The first one says, “Hey I forgot our sandwiches,” and so the second one says don’t worry I’ll go get them and he steps out of the boat, walks acrossContinue reading “Sermon September 26, 2021”


Sunday’s Sermon September 19, 2021

THE PATH OF DISCIPLESHIP Mark 9:30-37       Have you ever been mistaken about something in life? That is a loaded question, isn’t it? Who has not gone through life and made some mistakes, or held some misconceptions about what life was about or about God?     I remember, my grandfather had a small religious tract. BeginningContinue reading “Sunday’s Sermon September 19, 2021”