Sermon for Pentecost May 23, 2021

It’s a God Thing Acts 2:1-21   Pentecost -An Historical Perspective It was fifty days after the Passover –in the Jewish faith this day is called Shavu’ot or the Festival of Weeks.  Sometimes it is called Pentecost which comes from the Greek word that means “Fiftieth.”  Pentecost was the second of three major yearly celebrationsContinue reading “Sermon for Pentecost May 23, 2021”


Sermon for May 9, 2021 “Mother’s Day”

“Abide in Love” John 15:9-17   A couple was moving across the country. They decided to drive both cars. Their 8-year old son Jonathan worried. “How will we keep from getting separated?” Dad reassured him, “We’ll drive slowly. One car can follow the other.” “But what if we DO get separated?” Jonathan persisted. “Well, thenContinue reading “Sermon for May 9, 2021 “Mother’s Day””