Holy Humor Sunday

    This coming Sunday we celebrate Holy Humor Sunday. Now this is not exactly on our liturgical calendar, but it is an idea from the early church that the Sunday after Easter should be a time to reacquaint ourselves with joy and laughter.

     We celebrate the joke that Jesus played on the devil. “It might seem odd to think of God and jokes, but back in the fourth century, St. John Chrysostum preached on how Easter mocked hell and, by extension, the devil. Around the same time, St. Gregory Nyssa said Christ purposely concealed his real identity from the devil when he died. So, Satan, thinking Jesus was just another dead human being, swallowed the bait and took Jesus into hell. Too late, Gregory said, Satan realized his mistake. By then, he had admitted the light of Christ into the dark, infernal abode. That meant that Satan had destroyed his own kingdom. The power of God prevailed, even in hell, and God had the last laugh.” (thecompassnews.org)

    We extend the celebration of Easter as we share in the idea that God tricked the devil. Jesus could not be killed, the tomb is empty, and we have been delivered.

     The theme is joy, laughter, and good humor.

This Sunday, join us for a lighthearted service celebrating the moment with a few good jokes, a celebrative atmosphere, and a willingness to laugh.

    I invite you to come dressed in your wildest hat and/or craziest shirt and be apart of the joyful celebration of life. We will be recognizing those who do their best to dress for the occasion. Almost any hat or shirt, zany and fun, will be welcome.


Happy are the people whose God is the Lord ~ Psalm 144:15


Published by Rev. Russell

Pastor at the Lake City United Methodist Church in Lake City, Michigan.

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