A Few BLOG Updates

I originally began this BLOG as an extension to the webpage I created for the lake City United Methodist Church. I found the free setup for a BLOG provided by Spectrum to be rather basic and lacking. Of course one could criticize Spectrum’s free web tools as such across the board. I expect that if a person was amply proficient at creating a website without using the tools provided one could create whatever they wanted. However if I was that good I might be doing computer coding for a living instead. Still just can’t beat the price, and if basic works than why complain. What I did to overcome what was lacking was to pay for my own BLOG and tie it into the website.

However this was never to overlook the fact that my ministry involves two distinct churches. Besides pastoring at the Lake City United Methodist Church, I am also the minister of the St John Lutheran Church of Lake City as well. Presently the Lutheran church has also desired a new website. We chose Dreamhost to host the pages. The price is good and it uses WordPress for creating the website. It is up and running for the most part, but I am still working to improve its content and function. Now I have tied my BLOG into the Lutheran website as well, and that is why I have added links to both sites within my BLOG. So, feel free to visit and explore both sites. Two good churches in one place!

Published by Rev. Russell

Pastor at the Lake City United Methodist Church in Lake City, Michigan.

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