In person worship is still postponed

In person worship is still suspended.  We will not be meeting for worship through the month of December or the first Sundays in January.  

This is in response to the rise of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths caused by the COVID19 virus.  It is important that we continue to live wisely to avoid becoming ill and extending the hardship that this illness is causing for people, families, and our health care system. 

I know this causes us to miss a significant part of life.  We want to have those moments of celebration and worship on Sundays and Holy days.  We wish for life to return to normal. 

However, I believe patience in the face of adversity will prove to be our greatest defense.  In the coming months as a vaccine is distributed, we will see the decline of this illness and life will return back closer to normal.  

In the meantime, be certain that God is with us even when we cannot be together physically.  The Spirit continues to dwell among us.  Continue to lift up your prayers for the health and healing of our nation and one another.  Take a moment to share in a phone call or letter to a neighbor.  Join us for our Zoom Bible Study.  Think up new ways to express your faith as we proceed through these moments.  This is the season that we celebrate Emmanuel; God is with us.

I intend to continue sharing sermons and devotional thoughts over the internet and our phone calling system.  Please check our webpages, , , My BLOG , and our Facebook pages  , for information, sermons, and Bible Study opportunities. 

Published by Rev. Russell

Pastor at the Lake City United Methodist Church in Lake City, Michigan.

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