Staying Connected

I wrote this to be used in our newsletter. Pastor’s Page     How do you stay connected? During this time of ongoing illness within our land, how does a person stay connected to God and to one another? In some ways the pandemic has robbed us of those moments of worship that we so love andContinue reading “Staying Connected”


Find the Sermon for 12/27 on Facebook

This coming Sunday Sermon may not get posted on my BLOG. It seems after printing the file I inadvertently deleted the file without saving it. I can no longer find the sermon on my computer. I don’t think I am going to retype it. Sorry about this. The sermon will be posted in a videoContinue reading “Find the Sermon for 12/27 on Facebook”

Sermon for December 20, 2020

“Love All” Luke 1:26-38             Is your life ordinary or extraordinary?  I think most of us might think of our lives as being just ordinary.              Several days ago, Chuck Yeager past away.  He was a man that some might said led an extraordinary life.   He was the first to fly faster than the speedContinue reading “Sermon for December 20, 2020”

4th Week of Advent – Peace

Monday —Read John 14:26-27. What brings us peace within life? Make a list or draw a picture of something that gives you peace. Tuesday —Send a card to someone who needs to hear words of peace, and mail it today. Wednesday –-Think of our town and its leaders. Pray that God’s peace may abide inContinue reading “4th Week of Advent – Peace”

Sermon for December 13, 2020 “Give More”

“Give More” John 1:6-8, 16-28             This is week three of our discussion on the Advent Conspiracy.  Last week we talked about spending less, and this week the idea is to give more.  This sounds like a riddle or a contradiction to our modern ears.  How does a person give more by spending less?             Continue reading “Sermon for December 13, 2020 “Give More””

In person worship is still postponed

In person worship is still suspended.  We will not be meeting for worship through the month of December or the first Sundays in January.   This is in response to the rise of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths caused by the COVID19 virus.  It is important that we continue to live wisely to avoid becoming ill andContinue reading “In person worship is still postponed”

Relational Giving Ideas from “Advent Conspiracy”

Spend Time Together Host a dinner party. Have everyone bring a prayer request to share with the group. Spend time encouraging and praying for the people God has put in your life. Create together. Do a puzzle, paint a picture, bake cookies, build a fort, write a song, make jewelry, garden, take photos. Be present.Continue reading “Relational Giving Ideas from “Advent Conspiracy””