The First Week of Advent is a Time to Hope

I picked this up somewhere, but I am not sure of the source. Still in these times the thoughts and suggestions are worthwhile. How can you celebrate hope this week? Monday: Isaiah 64:8. How do you think this verse gives hope to people? Tuesday: Send a card to someone you feel needs to hear wordsContinue reading “The First Week of Advent is a Time to Hope”


Sermon for November 29, 2020 first Sunday of Advent

Worship Fully Luke 2:8-20       We are going to wander off the lectionary a bit this Advent Season as I invite you to join the Advent Conspiracy. It’s a fun name, but the idea comes from a few pastors around 15 years ago who wanted to call people back to consider and live out theContinue reading “Sermon for November 29, 2020 first Sunday of Advent”

The First Candle of our Advent Wreath symbolizes Hope

There really isn’t anything magical about an Advent Wreath. It is but four candles that represent the four Sundays before Christmas. Much of the time the third candle is pink rather than purple or blue. The color was changed a long time ago to represent joy, since Advent originally was also a time of fastingContinue reading “The First Candle of our Advent Wreath symbolizes Hope”

Sermon November 22, 2020 Christ the King Sunday

“Don’t be a Goat” Matthew 25:31-46             Let us start out with a small mental exercise.  Picture in your mind a sheep. A big fuzzy white wooly sheep.  I do not know a whole lot about sheep, but usually they stay in a herd.  Their coat will grow thick and need to be sheared, andContinue reading “Sermon November 22, 2020 Christ the King Sunday”

An Important message from Bishop Bard

November 16, 2020 Dear Michigan United Methodists,   Grace to you and peace, in the name of the Risen Christ who was and is to come.   First of all, I would like to make an announcement about the Bishop’s Advent Appeal. I do not know how the tradition began here in Michigan for theContinue reading “An Important message from Bishop Bard”

Sermon for November 15, 2020

“Talents and Faith” Matthew 25:14-30     Joke: A man, his wife and mother-in-law, went out camping and deer hunting. One evening the wife awoke to find her mother had disappeared. She woke her husband and insisted on them both trying to find her mother. So, the hunter picked up his rifle and started to look forContinue reading “Sermon for November 15, 2020”

Suspension of Worship Services Beginning this Sunday due to COVID 19

Dear Friends,   Once again I must announce that we are suspending in person church worship, beginning on November 15th. The Hunter’s Supper scheduled for November 14th will still be held. This is a carry out supper that may be picked up at the door. The event will not be affected by our decision toContinue reading “Suspension of Worship Services Beginning this Sunday due to COVID 19”

Sermon, November 8, 2020

“Be Prepared” Matthew 25:1-13   This past week Jane and I celebrated our 32nd Wedding Anniversary. Like most weddings you plan and work hard to make everything just perfect, but usually there is always something unexpected or unplanned that happens. Sometimes people feel upset or nervous when things do not go the way they areContinue reading “Sermon, November 8, 2020”

Sermon November 1, 2020 All Saint’s Day

Life is not Easy, but God is Good Revelation 7:9-17   It goes without saying that life is not always easy. We don’t always understand why things happen. Currently our world seems challenged by a pandemic that continues on in the United State while other places have been impacted less. We become impatient with wantingContinue reading “Sermon November 1, 2020 All Saint’s Day”