Sunday Sermon – June 28, 2020

“Freedom in Christ” Romans 6:12-23 Last Sunday we talked about the transforming Grace of God. If you remember Paul was speaking about justifying grace. That is the Grace of God that forgives us and brings us into a relationship with God. It does not mean that all our wrongs and sins are accepted before God,Continue reading “Sunday Sermon – June 28, 2020”


Sermon for June 14, 2020

“Preparing for the Journey” Matthew 9:35-10:11 Welcome to Spring!  Recently, Jane and I made a trip to bring back our travel trailer that was stored in a barn belonging to Jane’s Aunt.  Every year as the weather warms, I find myself spending a few hours maintaining, repairing, cleaning, and stocking my camper in hopes thatContinue reading “Sermon for June 14, 2020”

As We Are Returning to Worship

This coming Sunday, June 14, we will be returning to having worship service in our church. Still there will be a number of precautions that we will be following, due to the continuing presence of Covid 19 in our world. While I know these precautions will hamper the celebration of our time together, I believeContinue reading “As We Are Returning to Worship”